GR gives solutions so that its clients can obtain benefits, that’s why the focus is in what adds value to the client. We are oriented on understand what does give value to each client, and that’s the reason why in our value proposal we offer:


The company makes international panning courses, with the purpose of updating the panning knowledges, analyzing the latest products’ news worldwide, receiving information about the market’s trends and getting to know news about confectionery raw materials, sealing agents, shinning agents and (gumming) agents.
The course is given normally by the company DF-DROUVEN ( from Germany and also it considers visits to productive plants with working equipment.

Products development:

GR counts with a laboratory for the development of new products in an Automatic Panning System of low capacity. To its clients and possible clients, it offers low scale manual and automatic equipment for hard, soft and chocolate panning. This allows testing the elaboration of different recipes, combining flavors, raw materials, elaboration sequences and process times, allowing afterwards the extrapolation of the formula obtained to a bigger equipment. It is only required to schedule a determined date and to define the type and origin of the raw materials.

Post-sale service:

The company counts with experienced personnel for giving fast answer to the post sales requirements. We count with spare parts and we are available to visit your installations.

Along with this, GR offers to its clients a preventive maintenance system, which allows verifying if the equipment is fulfilling the designed performance and if its operating in the optimal conditions.

A preventive visit may generate important productive improvements and significative savings in spare parts and actualization.


GR gives as a standard one-year warranty for its equipment, independently of its final location. This warranty includes technical defects in the equipment that affects the production, safety or the correct functioning of the equipment.

GR is only responsible for the repair or eventual change of the part, element or system once our technical department judges the situation that way. We count with international warranty agreements for the electronic, pneumatic and cooling elements, that allows short response times.


We have an agreement with the renowned company DF – DROUVEN, before any question about the elaboration of new products in confectionery in general.